Daniel Hoey

Alexander Technique


I have had a problem with both lumbar and thoracic pain for at least 15 years which was a consequence of poor posture and repetitive movement in my work. Daniel's unique approach to the Alexander Technique has helped me enormously in moving with maximum effect using minimal effort.

I found that Daniel was happy to focus on my individual problems and helped me with a lifetime of bad habits. My posture has improved enormously and the Alexander Technique is now part of my daily routine which I credit with keeping me aware and more in tune with my body and how I move.

Mary, Nurse (Retired)

Daniel's help attuned me to habits in my movement which hindered real freedom and flow. Some of those habits were so nuanced and ingrained that I doubt I would've picked up on them without his keen insight and gentle guidance.

I consider this the most valuable kind of relief-treatment as it empowers you in future to 'do your own treatments'. Alexander Technique is the best kind of healthcare - the kind that stimulates growth and wellness, as opposed to merely treating symptoms. I strongly recommend a session with Daniel, as deepening your relationship with your body is ever worthwhile.

Maja, Actor

One of the benefits that I have experienced is the smooth use of my muscles, particularly my thigh muscles when I stand up or sit down. My sense of humour has improved and I am finding my approach to life a little easier. The semi-supine position has helped me relax more and my breathing has improved as well.

Brendan, Pensioner

Daniel helped me to learn to see the patterns of movement and thinking that have become habitual and limiting to me. What is more he showed me tools I can use to explore new ways of being and thinking. While I am only at the beginning of my journey I can see the extraordinary power the Alexander Technique has given me to mindfully generate and choose new ways of moving and thinking and in this way free myself from physical pain and self-limiting thoughts.

Gael, Manager

For about three years I suffered from back ache and a very painful hip. Sometimes the hip pain was so bad I had to just stand against a wall and breathe deeply until I was able to continue on my way. I had appointments with several Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, GPs, OTs and masseurs, but no-one was able to help, any relief I got was very short-lived. I was only 65 and I didn’t want to have to control this condition with painkillers for the rest of my life!

I made an appointment with Daniel and from the first visit I obtained such help and relief that I felt I was floating out of his office and down the street! During the course of about eight visits I learned new ways of sitting, squatting, bending and moving my feet when walking. I also learnt relaxation techniques such as lying in a semi-supine pose, and using imagery to allow my body to adopt its natural position in any circumstance.

The experience of learning the Alexander technique has been literally life changing and I am indebted to Daniel for giving me my health back. A year later, and I am healthier than I have been for years before I met him.

Deborah, Retiree