Daniel Hoey

Alexander Technique

Pain and Injury

Many people suffer from persistent pain or injury that never heals.

Research has begun into the Alexander Technique's effectiveness in reducing chronic pain and recovering from injury. Trials have shown the Alexander Technique to be effective in reducing back pain, neck pain and in reducing the need for medication for chronic pain.

The mechanism that causes chronic pain is not well understood but a consensus is forming that views chronic pain as emerging from a combination of interrelated physical and mental factors and that approaches dealing with chronic pain need to be as much education as therapy. 

The Alexander Technique is a method of education that considers mental and physical aspects co-currently and as such is in line with current thinking and best practice on chronic pain management and treatment.

One reason that we experience persistent pain is that the way we adapt to cope and compensate for the problem gets in the way of a full recovery. The Alexander Technique can help by enabling us to change these compensatory responses and reinstating a balanced way of using yourself.

If you have persistent pain or injury then you should book a session with me today and discover what you can do to change this situation.